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Known to be one of the most culturally diverse localities in Australia, Dandenong has a broad and ever-expanding migrant population.  Migration to the Dandenong area, of multiple nationalities, is encouraged by many local manufacturing and industrial companies, who have often gone offshore in their search for trained and hard-working employees, to fill vacancies, where existing Australian Citizens nor Permanent Residents could not be found.

As a migrant employer in the Dandenong area, you may have little knowledge about immigration diversity and the options open to you, for sponsoring overseas migrants to come to Australia to expand your team.  Migrants often have skills and abilities of a specialised nature, but bringing them into the country requires Migrant Law permissions, visas, and expert advice.  Finding the right person as an employee candidate, in the first place, meeting the legal criteria, and understanding what you are obliged to do as their employer is quite challenging.  The migration laws are strict.

Worldly Migration and Recruitment Consultancy (Worldly Migration) can provide all of the assistance you require.  Primary Consultant, Evan Bishop, has worked with many Dandenong businesses and Migrants.  As a former Recruitment Consultant, also, Evan understands the complexities of applying for Visas, and how to work with both Employers/Sponsors and Employees/Migrants to bring them together for mutual benefit.  He will be happy to give you the best support should you have AAT Tribunal Hearings and/or Visa Cancellation issues.  Further, as an employer of migrants, you may have other general questions related to your existing migrant staff and their visa validity.  For example, in large manufacturing companies, this may impact your business with legal repercussions.  Getting professional advice before being approached by the Department with such matters can prevent possible investigatory processes occurring.  And, where required, appointments can be scheduled after hours or on weekends for added convenience.

The laws of Migration are, also, always being up-dated and adjusted.  By engaging a Migration Law Specialist, especially one who knows the Dandenong area well (like Worldly Migration), you will be in a stronger position to write applications, use less emotive language in any hearings, be able to receive coaching on how to advertise a Dandenong job for a Migrant Applicant, and/or answer applications from a potential Australian employer. If you are looking for Employer Sponsored Visa Dandenong, look no further.  Worldly Migration offers a multitude of help that may even include CV writing for migrant employees.

Get the expertise and committed support you need for Migration and Recruitment Services in the location of Dandenong, and surrounding suburbs.  At Worldly Migration, we’ll provide you with an initial consultation to ascertain your needs, and help you plan what steps you need to take to best proceed towards migration solutions that have more potential for success.

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