407 Nomination and Visa Applications

For certain occupations, you can seek a Training Visa subclass 407, to undergo work-based training or professional development under an Employer Sponsor arrangement. This temporary resident visa can be effective for a period of up to two years specifically for training purposes, and is also great for employers to use immigration to add diversity to their workforce. Unlike other Employer Sponsored Visas, the SAF does not apply to the 407 Training Visa nominations, making it an inexpensive visa for the employer to sponsor the trainee. Worldly Migration also has lots of success with Training Plan writing, with successful training plan outline and process.


Before studying Australian Migration Law, Evan’s first professional role after graduating from Human Resources Management was articulating entry level training positions for graduating professions, making the the 407 Training Visa a great natural progression of Evan’s wealth of experience in this area. Once you chat to Evan, a wealth of practical experience combining the law with training positions will make you not want to look any further for your Training Visa needs.

“Thank-you Evan for your professionalism and support through this process.”

Employer Sponsor – 407 Training Visa

The most important part of the 407 Training Visa is the Training Plan, which Worldly Migration are the experts in. You can see a training plan template here. Evan writes Training Plans for RMA as a service, so that you can avoid 407 Training Plan pitfalls for your clients.

If you are asking “How do you write a Training Plan for 407 Visa?” then you are in luck also, with Training Plan subject matter expert Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414) offering a free initial 15 minute phone consultation to discuss Training Plan inclusions, tips, and overall advice. Whilst used to promote Evan’s assistance in Training Plan writing which spans 10 years, this is an opportunity for you to ask as many practical questions as possible within the 15 minute timeslot. Bookings for the unique Training Plan discussion type found here.

“Thanks a lot for your support and work for fulfilling my visa application. I’m very happy and looking forward to coming to Melbourne soon. Your professional work with preparing documents, answering questions always very fast and helpful, was a great experience and a huge help.”

Maria – 407 Visa Holder

A lot of people ask “are there caveats for 407 training visa?”. The good news is that there are no caveats for the 407 visa, making it more accessible for genuine training needs.

“Thank-you for your help and guidance. I lodged the application today, I was nervous before I met you because this is my first 407 visa but you were very helpful in guiding me through the process and getting the Training Plan completed.”

Migration Agent B2B Writing – Training Plan Service

Subclass 407 Stages:

  • Temporary Activities Sponsor
  • Nomination
  • Visa Application

Successful 407 Training Visa Nomination Requirements:

If you get representation or assistance from Worldly Migration, you can relax knowing that you are dealing with a professional who takes pride in being ETHICAL, RELIABLE, and ever AVAILABLE.

Worldly Migration particularly specialises in assisting Employers with their Nomination Visa stage, which is the most important part of the process. Click HERE to find out more about these other specialist services. Worldly Migration is the Training Visa Expert and Training Plan Expert, writing Training Plans for 10 years (first in graduate positions, and now for migration purposes).

Are you a fellow Migration Agent or Lawyer who is looking to find out more about the 407 Training Visa? Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414) is a mentor in the field of the Training Visa after a decade of helping articulate training positions for entry level roles. You can book in here for the 407 Mentorship Package which includes a video series for self-paced study and white-labeled documents to implement into your firm.

As an expert in his field, Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414) is also a Professional Development Trainer to fellow Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers on the topics of Training Visa (407 visa) and Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (482 visa).

Just because you may be eligible for this visa doesn’t mean you will be successful. With a background in recruitment and a specialisation in employer sponsored visas, Worldly Migration will give you an honest assessment as to your chances of success. Contact today.


FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD – Principal Consultant Evan Bishop MARN 1679414 published an eBook covering the Top 10 Reasons Why Employer Sponsored Visas get refused, it is short yet essential reading and you can get your copy here.

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