Prospective Marriage 300

As an overseas applicant, you may have a loved-one who is an Australian Citizen/Permanent Resident.  However, you (the applicant) do not qualify for de facto grounds, and you are not yet married to your Australian Partner.  In this circumstance, you may consider seeking a Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300 visa).  This type of temporary resident visa for immigration allows you to marry your partner within 9 months of arriving in Australia, which can then lead to a further option of being granted an Onshore Partner Visa 820/801 .

You must be aware that you are required to have met before, and in-person, before this option is available to you.  A Prospective Marriage Visa is a great temporary Visa that has the capacity to lead to a Permanent Residency Visa (as explained in the Onshore Partner Visa 820/801 section).

Once you are ready to move to the Partner Visa application, it is highly advised to get assistance with your application so that you minimise the risk of refusal, with Worldly Migration the expert guidance you need. It is well known that Partner Visas are a very expensive application (5 years ago, it was only $1735 AUD), increased to upwards of $7000+ in January 2015, making Australian partner visa’s one of the highest in the world, double that of the UK and triple of the US. This move was done to deter couples from lodging applications themselves and to spend money on engaging with a migration agent for professional assistance, as the number of unclear or incomplete applications was slowing down case officers to get through their processing times. The amount of evidence you need to provide can be overwhelming, with some couples sometimes providing too much to the case officer and overwhelming them also, hence professional guidance is highly advised. Couples also get confused when having to write their Relationship Statements, and not putting enough emphasis into each of the 4 tests/pillars of the relationship. These are Financial, Social, Nature of Household, and Nature of Commitment, and is where the important part of the process is and your time and fee’s spent on assistance.

“I highly recommend Worldly Migration.  I received outstanding support for my  partner visa application.  I was overwhelmed with the great amount of information I needed to submit, and Evan provided me with very effective and professional guidance.  Evan always returned my calls, paying attention to my questions and responding with great professionalism to all of my doubts.  He also supported me in time-management as my deadline was tight, and he always kept me updated with the progress of the application.  I am very grateful for Evan’s assistance.”

Partner Visa facing refusal from a Case Officer with a 28 Day Deadline

Result Achieved – Approved within a fortnight.  

Here is a short video I made on common partner visa refusal reasons.

If you get representation or assistance from Worldly Migration, you can relax knowing that you are dealing with a professional who takes pride in being ETHICAL, RELIABLE, and ever AVAILABLE.

Love is a special thing, and it will be a special part of your journey once you obtain this visa and the next chapter starts. Don’t take it for granted though, Partner Visas are easy to fail if you don’t have the right mindset and guidance. That is where a call to Worldly Migration can set you on the right path. Don’t delay, contact today.


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