Salary Justification Report (AMSR)

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Of high importance, it is crucial that the Department is assured there will be no circumstances where new Visa holders will be underpaid in their position of employment, nor will they be over-paid (as compared to any other current Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident worker).  Here, it becomes vital that a deeply comprehensive report is submitted that measures current Australian salary rates. This is to meet the Annual Market Salary Rate (AMSR) requirement. Methodical steps are taken to prove the nominated salary is falling within the Annual Market Salary Rate, taking into consideration the skill level, location, qualifications, experience, and other variables. This Salary Justification Report service to meet the AMSR is available for subclass 482 visa, subclass 186 visa, subclass 494 Regional Sponsored, and is also beneficial at times for the subclass 407 training visa, or general Australian recruitment and Australian employer use to ensure that you are not overpaying or underpaying your staff in today’s market conditions. Salary Justification reporting has also proven critical when lodging under the Global Talent Visa Program, also known as the Global Talent Independent Program (GTI).

Worldly Migration has a customised format of salary reporting techniques, with a perfect track-record for past clients, when drafting and providing final Salary Justification Reports of this nature.

Visa types that need a Salary Justification Report:

  • 407 Visa (not essential, but highly recommended for salaries oddly low or high)
  • 482 Visa
  • 186 Visa
  • and the 494 Visa.
salary report

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