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Migration Services - with a Difference!

Migration Services – with a Difference!

“I highly recommend Worldly Migration.  I received outstanding support for my visa application.  I was overwhelmed with the great amount of information I needed to submit, and Evan provided me with very effective and professional guidance.  Evan always returned my calls, paying attention to my questions and responding with great professionalism to all of my doubts.  He also supported me in time-management as my deadline was tight, and he always kept me updated with the progress of the application.  I am very grateful for Worldly Migration’s assistance.”

Partner Visa facing refusal from a Case Officer with a 28 Day Deadline

Result Achieved – Approved within a fortnight.  



Evan Bishop is Worldly Migration and Recruitment Consultancy’s primary Consultant, and his motivated and driving determination to help others in matters of Migration Law is unrelenting. These characteristics along with the migration law and employment visa specialisation has allowed Evan to become one of the go-to mentors in his profession for Migration Agents and Immigration lawyers on the Employer Sponsored Visa subclasses.

All works are overseen by Evan directly, and he is renowned for his personable and meticulous approach.  Worldly Migration’s clients appreciate the manner in which he keeps completely up-to-date with immigration Legislative changes that always reflect current policies, and Evan prides himself on specifically looking for the unique differences that can ensure decisions are based-on the best options and information at all times.

Urgent issues are dealt with without delay, and, in some instances, same-day service can be achieved, for expediency where required.

Evan is also a Professional Development Trainer to fellow Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers on the topics of Training Visa (407 visa) and Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (482 visa).

Prior to successfully completing his Migration Law studies, at Victoria University’s College of Law & Justice in 2015, Evan was an experienced recruiter, specialising in helping international students secure their first professional employment roles in Australia.  During this time, Evan was continually approached by Migration Agents and Lawyers to assist with their Employer Nominator preparation.  This would often involve writing Employment Position Descriptions, providing specific services and information in Labour Market Testing, Justifying Salaries, and other Migration field requirements.  This was the catalyst to the evolution of his passion in launching Worldly Migration in 2018.

Worldly Migration is Professional, Sympathetic & Committed to Following-through

“Evan is a person with great personality; honest, good listener and very keen to help other people to attain their goals.”

Oliver, Career Coaching Client

Result Achieved – Secured full-time employment


When you talk to us, we listen with intent.

All enquiries are acknowledged as important.  You may only require a brief phone consultation, and, if Worldly Migration is not able to provide you with the specialised assistance for your migration requirements, because they fall outside of our core expertise, you’ll be referred to the most suitable Lawyer or Agent within our trusted network of contacts.

You’ll receive exacting and quality service in every instance and find that the accessibility, honesty, and transparency of our responses is not just an offer – it’s exemplified in every interaction with every person who seeks assistance from us, with Migration Law issues of any type.

Under Evan’s leadership and persistent nature, you’re always assured of dealing with an industry-leading company that will determine all facts, research every avenue of approach, and give your case the best opportunity for success.

MISSION STATEMENT: “Concierge Employer Sponsored Visa specialist services, delivered via uncompromisable ethics and the upmost emphasis on customer service.”


But what does this mean?


Concierge: Let us handle as much of the process as possible for you, shouldering the heavy lifting where possible so that you have a seamless experience.


Employer Sponsored Visa specialist: Migration Law is the fastest changing area of law in Australia. Withing the realm of Migration Law, there are family matters, business matters, student matter, temporary matters, refugee and protection matters, skilled matters, and more! Even within Skilled Visas, there are Employer Sponsored Visas, and there are General Skilled Migration Visas. You can now see how having someone who specialises in Employer Sponsored matters can be a huge knowledge advantage in your chances of success.


Uncompromisable Ethics: The birth of Worldly Migration was to fight the unethical practices which can often occur. Need we say more.


Customer Service Emphasis: Your migration matter could be, quite understandably, the most important matter in your life at this time. It is a daunting and uncertain period, one with major costs and effort. A commitment is made to every client that once they formally become a paid client of Worldly Migration, their case is of upmost priority, with systems in place to ensure that new enquiries to the firm are seen to in a timely manner after the top priority of current clients.


Thank-you for taking the time to read our purpose, and how we do what we do.

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