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Employer Sponsored Visa Specialist

RMA B2B – Worldly Migration is in constant demand to provide invaluable assistance to multiple Migration Agencies (as B2B outsourced resource experts). Evan’s outstanding reputation and dedication for getting quick results, in particular, is testament to his skills and abilities in negotiating and finding solutions in matters of Australian Migration Law. With particular expertise in Employer Nominated visas, a decision for Evan Bishop to open his own business so he could assist all Migration Agent’s without restriction was a no-brainer.

If you are in need of mentorship then look no further. Evan’s motivated and driving determination to help others in matters of Migration Law is unrelenting. These characteristics along with the migration law and employment visa specialisation has allowed Evan to become one of the go-to mentors in his profession for other Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers on the Employer Sponsored Visa subclasses.

“Thank-you for your help and guidance. I lodged the application today, I was nervous before I met you because this is my first 407 visa but you were very helpful in guiding me through the process and getting the Training Plan completed.”

Migration Agent B2B Writing – Training Plan Service

Why outsource/subcontract your writing work to Worldly Migration?

  • Knowledge – Evan has specialised in assisting RMA’s with employer-nomination writing since 2012 as a recruiter, which provided exposure to the migration law and agent profession. This motivated him to become a registered migration agent in 2016, always working ethically and honestly. Evan is now also a CPD Trainer for the 482 and 407 Visas.
  • Background – a competent writer and a background in recruitment, with in-depth knowledge of many industries.
  • Time Constraints – You focus on your core competencies and money earners for your business while Evan enjoys nomination writing which he is both passionate and enthusiastic about, hence such the niche focus for Worldly Migration.
  • Winning Formats – Some of Evan’s templates and formats, some developed as early as 2012, have been seen floating around the industry from other writers ever since, yet their lack of understanding and comprehension produces risky outcomes and poorer quality. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – Oscar Wilde.
  • Low Risk – it’s simple – don’t risk anyone other than a registered Migration Agent to do your outsourced work for you. All work is completed by Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414).

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work and for your guidance.”

Migration Agent B2B Writing – Their First 482 Client – 482 Nomination and Visa granted in 4 days

Most commonly outsourced migration writing services Worldly Migration assists with:

“He is switched on, hardworking, and personable”

Daniel McKinnon, Registered Migration Agent.

Request a fee’s list: email info@worldlymigration.com

“Evan and I worked together at the same company several years ago, and as the usual story goes for most people, it’s easy to fall out of contact. Evan is the exception. He is someone that I know I’ve always wanted to stay in touch with. As a Migration Agent, he’s ethical, reliable and someone that people go to when they’re facing life-changing challenges that could be the difference between a future in Australia or having to leave. He’s someone people can rely on to find the answer. If you’re after an honest, hard-working and genuinely caring person – he’s your man”

Chris, Registered Migration Agent.

Evan’s model is simple: Do good work for other agents in the most time consuming and important aspects of their applications, assist in mentorship of employer sponsored visas and easing their concerns, and repeat business will follow. It’s a win-win, contact today and question away.

Are you a fellow Migration Agent or Lawyer who is looking to find out more about the 407 Training Visa? Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414) is a mentor in the field of the Training Visa after a decade of helping articulate training positions for entry level roles. You can book in here for the 407 Mentorship Package which includes a video series for self-paced study and white-labeled documents to implement into your firm.

Do you need quality and reliable migration services?


“With a wealth of experience, I provide unique and cost-effective migration solutions tailored to every situation. If engaged with my services, I will make myself fully available to you with afterhours and weekend appointments and discussions if needed. My services are available across Australia and the world, including the following core areas: Melbourne, Ringwood, Dandenong, and Lilydale.

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