Employer Sponsorship Case Officer Request Letters and Tribunal Representation

With mounting pressure to assess and clear Visa application backlogs, the Department Case Officers can often request further information (RFI) into aspects of Employer Sponsorship Nominations. Further, the Department can require additional clarification (and actual proof) of some of the statements that have been made. It is vital that you make a response in a favourable manner that will be factually-acceptable and, thus, not lead to a refusal. This is, particularly, where getting professional assistance from Worldly Migration is most important and highly-beneficial. Each calculated step in your response submission is essential. Ensuring you take the best course of effective communication, without engaging in emotional appeals, will help, and this is where the experience and knowledgeable difference comes into play with Worldly Migration’s expertise.

The same applies when you require Appeals Tribunal Representation. Here, again, your immigration case may be winnable, but judgements are determined on merit, and any changes or overturning of decisions need to be dealt with and appealed in-line with Migration Law. You’ll benefit enormously by utilising our services and experience in understanding how the law works. Our Migration Agent representation expertise is available to help you make an effective appeal. We’ll also take the time to talk you through the process, and how to approach the situation in the best possible way.

If you get representation or assistance from Worldly Migration, you can relax knowing that you are dealing with a professional who takes pride in being ETHICAL, RELIABLE, and ever AVAILABLE.

Please Note: Worldly Migration also provides pre-coaching and actual representation in Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearings. Find Out More.
These services are available from Worldly Migration for all types of Migration and Visa sub-classes.


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