AAT Coaching and Representation

The stress attached to being confronted with possible Visa Application Cancellations or Refusals is extremely daunting. With Worldly Migration you’ll receive support, expert assistance and coaching to help you present your case. It is important to keep the emotive responses you are feeling in check, and remain level-headed, especially where you don’t agree with decisions made by the Department. Your immigration case may be winnable, but judgements will be made based on merit. Hence, applications to overturn or change the decisions need to be dealt with in-line with Migration Law. Here, you’ll benefit enormously by utilising our services and experience in understanding how the law works.

Our Migration Agent expertise is available to help you make an effective appeal. We’ll take the time to talk you through the process, and how to approach the situation in the best possible way. You can relax knowing that your representative will be ETHICAL, RELIABLE, and ever AVAILABLE for your questions and concerns in the lead up to your hearing.

“Evan was a key person at ensuring that my employee sponsorship visa was successful. Evan worked with myself whilst I went through a tribunal. Evan displayed that he had in-depth knowledge and was extremely professional at all times throughout each stage of the process. I felt very confident and in tune with everything due to Evan’s clear communication and guidance. I strongly recommend anyone to work with Evan regarding anything immigration related.”

Jamie – Successful 457 Tribunal Hearing

Result Achieved – Pathway to PR saved. 

  • Worldly Migration provides pre-coaching and actual representation in Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearings.
  • These services are available from Worldly Migration for all types of Migration and Visa sub-classes.
  • Get a FREE AAT CONSULTATION (15 minutes) to see if Evan Bishop of Worldly Migration is willing to provide representation at your hearing.

An AAT hearing is so much more than the hearing day itself, it is the preparation that goes into strengthening your mindset for the big day, allowing the process to be as seamless and stress-free as possible despite the circumstances. You need confidence in your representative, which is why Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414) is so welcoming – he is confident in what he can and can’t do and will give you an honest assessment accordingly. Contact today for a free initial consult and to gauge for yourself.

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“With a wealth of experience, I provide unique and cost-effective migration solutions tailored to every situation. If engaged with my services, I will make myself fully available to you with afterhours and weekend appointments and discussions if needed. My services are available across Australia and the world, including the following core areas: Melbourne, Ringwood, Dandenong, and Lilydale.

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