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Worldly Migration is committed to improving life opportunities

At Worldly Migration, you’ll benefit from our genuine commitment to guiding you through the sometimes mysterious and complex processes regarding migration, and our clientele, from a broad spectrum of Migration Law service areas, know that their consults will be deftly handled with care, by Evan Bishop and (if required) other hand-chosen members of his team and network.

These client services may include (but are not limited to):

1. B2B Consultancy Clients

Worldly Migration is in constant demand to provide invaluable assistance to multiple Migration Agencies (as B2B outsourced resource expert or as a mentor).  Evan’s outstanding reputation and dedication for getting quick results, in particular, is testament to his skills and abilities in negotiating and finding solutions in matters of Australian Migration Law. Full details of services for Agents/Lawyers here.

“He is switched on, hardworking, and personable.”

Daniel McKinnon, Registered Migration Agent.

2. Employer Services

For those wishing to sponsor and employ migrants actively seeking to either come to Australia for work, and/or migrants who are already living in Australia and you want to sponsor your employee, and for whom those employers would like to expand those migrants’ Australian living and working experience.

Our Employer Services include the provision of extended information and assistance with:

“A big thank-you to Evan for helping me achieve this fantastic outcome.”

Employer 457 Sponsor Client

Result Achieved – Tribunal hearing avoided and decision reversed

3. Migration Services

For migrants actively seeking compliant pathways and rights of access to jobs, and a life of potential prosperity in Australia.

Talk to us about Migration Visas – for both Employer Nominated and Personal/Individual Application Issues. Full list of services for migrants here.

Worldly Migration works directly with clients for Employer Nominated, Partner Visa, and Pending Refusal and Visa Cancellation issues (including Tribunal Representation) – across all visa types.   In the instance of a Pending Visa Refusal, in particular, the stress of the situation is never under-estimated, and deadlines for appeals are often tight.  Worldly Migration is resolute in meeting those deadlines, wherever possible, with sound strategies quickly put into action.

“Evan was always present, understanding and reliable.”

Noemi, Partner Visa Client

Result Achieved – Refusal reversed

Our Migration Services include providing respectful and informative assistance to guide migrants to achieve success in circumstances where they are:

  • An onshore or offshore client (either skilled or unskilled workers)
  • Seeking prospective marriage (between an Australian resident and a migrant), or Partnership Visa for an existing relationship.
  • Seeking Employer Sponsorship/Work Visas (including Visa Nominations and Visa Applications, Case Officer Request letters, and/or Tribunal Representation)
  • Requiring help with Visa Cancellation Reviews and Appeals issues across all visa types, and/or
  • In need of Job Search assistance and Career Path Coaching.

“He is full of innovative ideas and is extremely easy-going, and very professional in providing me with future career suggestions.”

Lin, Career Coaching Client

Result Achieved – Secured full-time employment

Where possible, we may also be able to refer and connect our Client Employers and Migrants.


Worldly Migration is committed to improving life opportunities for Australian Employers, and for Migrants coming to Australia.

With us, you’ll experience maximised support and guidance to help you both understand the requirements specified by Australian Migration Law, and receive our expert assistance throughout all of the relevant stages. Worldly Migration works closely with prospective employers and intending or current migrants with equal enthusiasm.  Our aim is to help you to reach a very timely, justified and more than satisfactory outcome in every way possible.

Weekend and After Hours Appointments Available.

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