Genuine Position Statement

What is a Genuine Position Statement?

The crux of an Employer Sponsorship Application lies in pro-actively showing the genuine nature of the position (GOP), and its importance to the scope and profitability of your business.  A Genuine Position can be in the form of a Statement (Genuine Position Statement) or, more favoured by Worldly Migration, a Genuine Position Letter. This is a requirement for the subclass 482 visa, subclass 186 visa, subclass 494 Regional Sponsored, and subclass 400 visa. Addressing the genuineness of the position is the crux of the nomination stage, as it is the narrative of the nomination which is the most volatile of the employer sponsored visa stages. It is important to illustrate to the assessing Case Officer what the history and context of the role is, justification that the role hasn’t been created to achieve a visa outcome for the migrant, how the role relates to the scope of the business and it’s benefit, the migrants suitability for the role, how it relates to the ANZSCO Code for ABS standards, and other crucial elements.

How We Do It:

You can relax knowing that Worldly Migration will tailor your Genuine Position Statement to every circumstance surrounding the Employee Nomination, and align the wording concisely to occupation-specific caveats (if applicable), and to Department Policy requirements. After a quote is given and a brief checklist is provided, you will be provided with a successful letter format of the Genuine Position Statement.

genuine position letter



Above is a genuine position letter sample. No two are the same and templates are not used. Instead, certain headings are used as a minimum which Evan changes between industries and depending on the legislation and policy changes (hence the benefit of a Migration Agent writing it for you). Years of just focusing on the Employer Sponsored Visas, and providing Genuine Position Statements for more than a hundred other Migration Agencies and Law Firms means that you have the most reputable name in Employer Sponsorship assisting with your Genuine Position Statement. Quick turnaround and amendable documents with revisions are provided.

  • Tailor your Genuine Position Letter to every circumstance surrounding the Employee Nomination, and align the wording concisely to occupation-specific caveats (if applicable), and to Department Policy requirements.
    Please Note:  this specific information is not freely available to potential employers and can only be accessed by Registered Migration Agents.
  • Provide you with a 48-hour turnaround upon request (a 50% surcharge is applicable).


Required Visa Types – Genuine Position:

  • 482 Visa
  • 186 Visa
  • 494 Visa


Evan has also created a genuine position letter video to explain what to include in a genuine position letter.

Helping businesses and other agents articulate the genuine nature of their nominated position is one of the most enjoyable aspects that Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414) does within all of his employer nominated visa work. Your case is in good hands, contact today.


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