Labour Market Testing

What is Labour Market Testing?

Labour Market Testing (LMT) is the process whereby the Employer assesses (tests) the availability of candidates related to their potential Migrant Employee’s nominated role, prior to pursuing the Sponsorship of a Visa for a new Migrant Employee. The Department places an understandable ‘burden of proof’ on the prospective Employer, to show that the opportunities being afforded to a new Migrant could not already be granted to an existing Permanent Resident, or Australian Citizen. This service is available for all relevant immigration visa subclasses, including the highly popular subclass 482 TSS, subclass 186DE, and subclass 494 Regional Sponsored visas.

How We Do It:

At Worldly Migration, we’re resolute in using a proven and unique process of delivering LMT Reports that demonstrate necessary transparency, and serve to make the Employer’s application process more simple. Principal Migration Agent Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414) has a decade of experience in successful Labour Market Testing, beginning during his time as a Recruiter. The Worldly Migration LMT outline has many years of success and is adapted whenever a change occurs.

Our unique process involves providing effective assistance with the following:

  1. Advertising – Whilst we cannot post the advertising for you, we will assist you in drafting the advert client for maximum effect whilst maintaining Department compliance, and then provide comprehensive instructions as to how and where to post.
  2. Reviewing potential applicants and refining the list of candidates for you Conducting telephone interviews of the selected candidates on your behalf The tabling of an Overview Report of our findings (regarding the above), so that you can proceed further and make decisions that best suit your job vacancy requirements.
  3. An emphasis is placed on making sure that Labour Market Testing is Compliant. Evan created a video explaining The Period Requirement for Labour Market Testing (LMT) which can be viewed here.

Our Client Testimonials:

“Evan has been extremely professional and highly organised to optimise the work which means I had to do the least work while he could still provide me with a fixed quote. This can only be done by someone that is very knowledgeable and knows the best options and understand the exact requirements and expectations from the immigration department. I recommend him highly for any immigration projects. Let the professional do the work for you while you focus on your own profession.” TJ – February 2021.

Helping businesses and other agents articulate the genuine nature of their nominated position is one of the most enjoyable aspects that Evan Bishop (MARN 1679414) does within all of his employer nominated visa work. Your case is in good hands, contact today.


FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD – Principal Consultant Evan Bishop MARN 1679414 published an eBook covering the Top 10 Reasons Why Employer Sponsored Visas get refused, it is short yet essential reading and you can get your copy here.

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