The Blog That Isn’t Really a Blog


The Blog That Isn’t Really a Blog

Yes, you read the heading correctly. I’m being a bit lazy for my blog for July, and whilst this ‘blog’ won’t be useful into your job hunting techniques or any migration pickle you’ve got yourself in to, it will certainly be insightful. Here is an insight into recent happenings.


So before I go through why I’ve run out of time to write a decent blog for this month, perhaps I should start with why bother writing a blog in the first place? Well, despite being my own boss, I hold myself extremely accountable, which is crucial for small business owners. If I don’t go hard on myself and get disappointed when I don’t produce one blog a month, then who will keep me accountable? I love giving free advice to people and if my blogs can reach a wider audience and help multiple people at once, then I think that’s something worth doing.



Unfortunately I’m not referring to a holiday, but more so some funky suit pins that you can spot in my YouTube videos (it’s a shame you can’t see my equally funky socks). I have a dozen more fun pins arriving in the mail shortly, follow the Worldly Migration Instagram page to see more throughout the coming month. Regarding the videos, I told myself that in addition to a monthly blog, commencing this new financial year I would do one new video a month too. The creative juices got flowing and I got a bit excited and carried away and did several (view the YouTube page here). No regrets there, but a lot more time consuming that I thought. I pride myself in striking a good balance between asking for third party help (eg, a web developer to create the website I designed), but then also learning how to add additional pages and code video’s to appear on my site. Learning always takes longer than I thought, but you should never stop learning and never underestimate how important it is. So whilst ‘palm trees and coffee mugs’ doesn’t refer to a recent holiday, it does flow perfectly into……….



On the topic of learning, July was a great month for me because I read a cracker of a book by Kerry Anne Nelson called Freedom Machine. It’s all about establishing processes and procedures for all business functions across all staff, so that your business can be operating more efficiently, grow sustainably, and hum along like a well-oiled machine without having its owners and managers burn out. I was fortunate enough to meet Kerry Anne at a networking event in my local region, she shares an inspiring story and her formula for setting up your ‘Freedom Machine’ is something that all business owners, managers, and fellow entrepreneurs should read. Aside from Worldly Migration, I’ve got a couple other business ventures in their early planning stages, so the timing on this book going straight from the printers and into my letterbox was exquisite timing. You can grab your own copy of Freedom Machine here. To spend more time with family and loved ones is something I’ve been very fortunate to have, which leads me to my final insight for this blog……..



For me, having more freedom with my time is my Freedom Machine. To be spending more time with my son and my wife and yet being able to scale-up my business to help even more people with their urgent visa dilemma’s is something that, although credit to my hard work, is something I never take for granted. Worldly Migration just celebrated its first birthday and I’m super proud of its progress so far. I hope you too are proud of what you do and how you do it.

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