Can I Work Full Time on a Bridging Visa?

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Can I Work Full Time on a Bridging Visa?

If you are curious about the extent of your work rights while you’re on a Bridging Visa, then have a read, as we break down what are the instances where you can legally work in Australia.

In this blog, we cover: 

  • What is a Bridging Visa?
  • When is a Bridging Visa Issued?
  • Can I Work on A Bridging Visa?
  • Can Employers Hire Someone on A Bridging Visa?
  • When will Bridging Visa A cease?

What is a Bridging Visa?

It is a Visa type that is issued to the applicant while waiting for a visa application to be processed. When after application and while waiting for the outcome of your application, your current visa has expired, a Bridging Visa is issued and, in most circumstances, is generally valid until 28 days after a decision is made on the applicant’s main visa application. 

On the other hand, a substantive visa – the main visa – (i.e., training visa, working visa, etc.) is a visa issued that has a fixed validity period which allows the holder to stay in Australia.  

The main benefit of a Bridging Visa is that you can remain lawful while your main visa application is processing, and if your application is on judicial review. Either way, it allows you to work on Australia in several instances, as will be discussed further in this article. 

Scenario: When is Bridging Visa Issued?

David is in Australia on a working holiday visa (subclass 417), he then applies for 482 Visa while he is in Australia. Upon application, David will be issued Bridging Visa A which will allow David to legally stay in Australia after his working holiday visa expires. If his 482-visa application is refused, his Bridging Visa A would cease 28 days after the decision is made and David will have to leave Australia. 

Typical Scenarios: Can I Work on A Bridging Visa?

A Bridging Visa A will typically carry over the previous substantive visa conditions, therefore holders of valid Bridging Visas typically have work rights, depending on the previous held substantive visas. Not all Bridging Visas are the same in terms of work rights. Some can work for full-time, while some can work for part-time only.

In all the different types of Bridging Visa, the most favourable is the Bridging Visa A (BVA Subclass 010)

Case A – In David’s case, his Bridging A visa will have the same 6-month work limitation as his Working Holiday Visa (substantive visa). A waiver of the 6 month work limitation is possible with a further application for those bridging towards a 482 Visa like David. 

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