What is a 482 Visa?

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What is a 482 Visa?

There is a plethora of employer-sponsored visas available for aspiring professionals who want to work and live in Australia. If you are keen on learning about the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482? then this article is for you.


What is a TSS 482 Visa?


The 482 visa is a temporary, employer-sponsored visa for skilled workers employed in various sectors and industries in Australia. It replaced the 457 Visa on 18 March 2018.


The 482 Visa is an employer-sponsored visa that allows non-Australians to live and work in Australia for 2 – 4 years, and bring their family to Australia, depending on the stream. The qualified professions under this type of work visa are listed in the Occupation List where there is a shortage of labour and manpower in various industries across Australia.


While this is a popular work visa option for many, the following factors must be met before you can successfully apply for the 482:


  • The applicant must be eligible to apply for occupations that are listed on the Skilled Occupation List and must have both qualifications and the required skill level for the nominated occupation and the minimum years of work experience (at least two (2) years full-time) in the nominated occupation.


Mandatory formal skills assessments are required for some occupations and discretionary skills assessment may be had as evidence of the required skill level.


  • The applicant must have an approved business sponsor/employer that has been lawfully operating in Australia for at least 2 years.


It is worthy to note that occupations listed on the STSOL (short-term skilled occupations list) are only approved for Two (2)-year visas (unless International Trade Obligations apply) while occupations on the MLTSSL (medium and long-term strategic skills list or the (ROL) Regional Occupation List can work for up to four (4) years.


Business Sponsors/Employers must carefully consider the 482-skilled visa occupation list and must make sure that the nominated occupation definition listed in the Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation (ANZSCO) that provides for the duties and responsibilities of the position they are nominating conform with the ANZSCO code and consider the additional special requirements (caveats) that should be satisfied to successfully nominate for the 482 employer-sponsored visas.



Currently, there are three (3) different streams of the 482 visa, namely the Short Term Stream, Medium Term Stream and Labour Agreement Stream, in addition to the Subsequent Entrant for the applicant’s family members.



Short Term Stream


  • This stream is to bring in skilled labour when there is no Australian skilled labour available in the workforce
  • Nominated occupations for this stream are listed in the STSOL (Short-Term Skilled Occupations List) only
  • Visa duration is most commonly limited to up to 2 years. Hong Kong passport holders may stay up to 5 years


Medium-Term Stream


  • This stream is for Australian business employers to bring in skilled workers where there are no skilled Australians are available
  • Nominated occupations for this stream are listed in the MLTSSL (Medium or Long-Term Strategic Skills List) or ROL (Regional Occupations List) only
  • Visa duration is up to 4 years


Labour Agreement Stream


  • This stream is for skilled workers who are qualified to work in a specified occupation covered under the terms of a labour agreement.
  • Visa duration is up to 4 years



Now, after reading about what is 482 visa and what are the streams where one can apply, the next question would be how to apply for 428 visas.

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